When does regeneration become gentrification?

KATIE DEBRAH - CREAtive director

Katie is a determined entrepreneur, Musician, and Filmmaker. She started her first venture, a music production service, whilst she was studying Law in her first year of university. In late 2016, she started her own multimedia production company, REVSCREEN, geared to under 35's. Katie is also an avid traveller and loves building relationships with people everywhere she goes.


SELICIA RICHARDs-TURNEY - Executive producer

A media and entertainment professional for over 10 years working in radio, tv, live music and digital.  Selicia studied media production at university where she developed multiple skills in broadcast production and has used those skills alongside her roles in business & operations to become a content marketeer and most recently a creator.

This is her first independent production venture and as a lover of content, an avid podcast listener and enthusiastic traveller, she hopes to help influence the much needed growth in diverse content being created.



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