When does regeneration become gentrification?



"Moving into a neighbourhood and complaining about the noise at 9pm."

Meet Ola, a local Peckham resident, hailing from the Heygate estate in Elephant and Castle before the council moved the families out to build new luxury apartments.  He has been in Peckham and the surrounding area all his life.  Peckham for him is 'beautiful' and always has been and although the area has had a bad reputation until recently, it is Ola's home and a place he loves. 

Ola shows us around Peckham Rye and shows us some of the lesser known but appealing parts of the area and points out where he thinks some of the  gentrification is happening and why it feels out of place in an area like Peckham, known for being a working class, diverse part of London with a large and settled African and Caribbean community. 


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"Not imaginative or creative, they only go and put the same dry thing up in your place"

Kelechi was born in Nigeria and raised in Peckham, she has lots of ambition and opinions and has never let any barriers stop her from being her best self.

She is the founder of the 'Kelechnekoff' Twerk and Pole dance studio at the Sojourner Truth community centre in central Peckham, she is also an actress, podcaster and would describe herself as a 'Benz Punani Womanist'.  She explains her journey to greatness and some of the challenges she has had on the way to being a black female entrepreneur in a society that doesn't lend itself well to women owning  and driving their successes.

Whilst she appreciates the positives that come along with an area being developed and improved she wonders who are the developments for?  


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meet bobby + Fiona


gentrification is…


Bobby is a trained chef and Fiona is his main squeeze, this husband and wife duo founded and run the Proper Jerk artisan food truck in their home area of Peckham Rye.

The couple have been living in the area for 20+ years and have raised two sons in the place they love and call home.  They noticed that the new Peckham residents were not intergrating and they feel like there is a level of segregation between the new and old Peckham locals.  

Their food is like no other in the area and although they are happy with the improvements, they love the strong sense of community and want this to stay a part of Peckham.


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'Bad when it pushes the local people out, and you are no longer able to afford to live in and enjoy the area'

Clement is a charming and unique local, born in Nigeria and then raised close by to central Peckham Rye he has seen the area morph from an undesirable part of London to the cool and in demand place that it is now.

He runs a pub called The 'Prince of Peckham' and has created a modern day boozer with the Peckham local in mind, he has a kitchen that has a menu dedicated to Jamaican food and an upstairs bar that hosts events such as disco yoga and party hip hop nights.   He was part of the team that helped grow the youth culture that is so popular today with mainstream audiences, helped by the popularity of Grime music and black popular culture.  He is also chummy with Idris Elba who was once his resident DJ in a previously run venue.

He has an interesting view on gentrification and doesn't see himself as someone who cannot be part of it. If change is happening, Clement will definitely be one of the ones leading it.


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