Meet Ola, Kelechi, Bobby + Fiona, and Clement our Peckham Heroes.  

Everyone has a different opinion on the changes in Peckham, the 'Peckham Heroes' tell us their stories, talk openly about their love for SE15 and their concerns about how the developments will change the heart and soul of area.  

Nobody likes change and gentrification is a difficult subject because there is often good and bad as a result of these developments but what these 5 people bring to life is the nuances of the changes and how this affects everyday lives in inner London for better or for worse.


episode 1: ola

Ola is a shy and unassuming young film studio lighting apprentice who takes us around the popular Peckham Rye.

Episode 2: Kelechi

Kelechi was born in Nigeria and raised in Peckham, she owns the 'Kelechnekoff' twerk and pole dance studio in Peckham.

episode 3: bobby & fiona

Bobby founded 'Proper Jerk', the artisan Jamaican Food truck with his wife Fiona, they live and work in Peckham.





episode 4: clement

Clement is the landlord of the 'Prince Of Peckham' in central Peckham, he has tranformed this 'old man's' pub into a modern representation of South East London.



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